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– Birch has a medium density. The wood itself does not absorb moisture well, so it can be used as firewood almost immediately after splitting.
Harvested birch logs retain heat for a long time, almost like hard varieties such as oak or ash.
They provide a lot of heat and are most often used in everyday life.

– Aspen – This wood is ideal for burning soot when cleaning a chimney.
It gives an increased effect when mixed with conifer varieties, which due to the presence of resins can quickly clog the chimney.
The natural aroma lasts for more than three years – it does its job well in heating the fireplace and bath.

– Pine – The halos of this tree give more heat than six. The most economical firewood due to its relatively low density.
When heated they crackle pleasantly and give a resinous aroma.
However, these species emit soot and fumes, so when used frequently, it is better to use them with a wound to clean the chimney.