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The pellets are 6-8 mm thick and 10-40 mm long fuel granules
Modern, convenient and profitable biofuel for heating homes, commercial, industrial and municipal premises.
The fuel pellets are mainly made from sawdust and wood chips by high pressure compression.
– White pellets – light Premium variety without the use of wood bark.
– Industrial pellets are of lower quality varieties. The product contains ingredients such as bark and non-combustible residues.
The ash content of such pellets is slightly higher than that of Premium species, but the calorific value is almost the same.

Efficiency of pellets as fuel
The properties of wood pellets are:

The energy released during combustion is 17,216 kJ / kg
Ash content – not more than 5% (for FRP OY not more than 0.37%);
The length is 5-40 mm;
The pellet density is 1200-1400 kg / m3;
The bulk density of the product for transport and storage is 650 kg / m3;

Bagging and packaging
in free form – in bulk.
in large bags, 500-1200 kg;
in small packages – 10-15 kg.